3D Primed

3D design and printing platform


Challenge area

Social inclusion, diversity and accessibility

We are creating a platform to connect individuals who wish to use a 3D printer but do not own one with individuals who own a 3D printer but may not be using it. We will also set up an education platform to allow grade 6-8 students to learn the skills required to develop 3D models and familiarize themselves with the use of 3D printing software.

We host open-source designs of 3D-printable products and requests from healthcare staff as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will reach out to local 3D-printing experts, to begin the manufacturing of essential products including face shields and goggles. We will supply this to the local healthcare staff as well as assess the demand for further essential products and medical devices.

In the light of the global pandemic, there is a constantly increasing demand for face masks, goggles, shields, and other vital products for the safety and protection of not only healthcare workers but also essential workers. There is a major unmet need for sustainable access to medical devices and products worldwide especially with different levels of lockdown in various countries. We aim to use our resources to benefit the community both locally and in developing countries so that those fighting the virus can do so without risking their personal health. 

There is a major unmet need for sustainable access to medical devices in developing countries worldwide. The current donation-based model of medical devices in sub-Saharan Africa is flawed. Money is wasted sending outdated or overly complicated medical devices to places where they are not needed, or cannot be used. In fact, a recent WHO study found that up to 80% of medical devices in sub-Saharan Africa are donated, of which more than 70% are never operationalised. Meanwhile, additive manufacturing of simple medical devices has recently become economically viable and has relatively few technical limitations.