If I were you

In-classroom programme for healthy relationships


Challenge area

Social inclusion, diversity and accessibility, Universal Healthcare & Education

What We Do

Our current primary project focus is on victims of domestic abuse (women and children).

  • Prevention: we are developing an educational resource focused around addressing healthy relationships
  • In-action services: we are developing a discreet recording device which would aid police by providing visual and audio evidential support for criminal convictions for domestic violence offenses without putting women at risk
  • Resources for children: we are creating an educational and mentorship resource for children lagging behind in school due to constant living relocation
  • Support package: this package assists victims of domestic abuse in post-trauma recovery, in partnership with experts and local charities

Social Impact

Every day, men and women across the world are facing inequalities that are not being addressed. This includes anything from sexual harassment and assault to pay inequality to facing stereotypes on a daily basis. With the spread of the #MeToo movement, the increasing dismissal of stereotypical “men’s and women’s roles,” society is working towards a better tomorrow. However, while these issues are getting talked about more often, they aren’t always addressed. Our initiative hopes to take a more active role in making sure these issues are addressed beyond the mainstream conversations.

Dominique Fortes

Recruitment Manager

MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Oxford

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Dominique Fortes is a first-year student pursuing an MPhil degree in Modern Chinese Studies. In 2017, she completed her undergraduate degree, majoring in Accounting, with a minor in Asian Area Studies. After graduation, she moved to Taiwan for 11 months on a Fulbright grant. Dominique gained an interest in entrepreneurship …