Meet some of the social entrepreurs in OSE that works to make a change through entrepreneurship.


A multivitamin-infused chewing gum to combat malnutrition and poor oral healthcare in refugee populations

VitaGUM is an innovative solution which delivers both nutrition and oral healthcare to refugees, with its vitamin formula tailored specifically to the diet of refugees and antimicrobial properties for cleaning teeth.

NABIO Greenhouse

Startup package allowing women to become business owners

20 women are employed in our Kenya pilot, offering a ready package for existing women groups that support every aspect of becoming a business owner.


Bringing trust into supporting homeless

Translating digital cash donations from local residents to donations in-kind claimed by homeless persons when shopping at a local business

If I were you

In-classroom programme for healthy relationships

We are developing a relationship education program that will be used for in-classroom instruction on healthy relationships. The content is modified based on age-level. Our aim is to help the next generation have a better understanding of healthy relationships and overall, reduce the rate of domestic abuse.

Empo water

Clean Water in Madanpur Khadar

In partnership with Enactus NSUT(Netaji Subhas University of Technology) in Dwarka, Delhi, we are taking part in Project Drinking Water, that aims to satisfy the urgent need of clean drinking water for the village of Madanpur Khadar.

3D Primed

3D design and printing platform

We are creating a platform to connect individuals who wish to use a 3D printer but do not own one with individuals who own a 3D printer but may not be using it. We will also set up an education platform to allow grade 6-8 students to learn the skills required to develop 3D models and familiarize themselves with the use of 3D printing software.

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