Start your own project.

Get a headstart on your own social enterprise project with our global network

Start Your Own Project

Come with an idea and we'll help you figure out the rest. Our success as a team is built on your passion for what you care about.

The OSE advantage

While you could start your own project by yourself, working with us grants you many advantages:

  • Funding

  • Access to our network of business advisors, including Amazon, Wilmott-Dixon, and more!

  • Access to our faculty advisor from the University of Oxford Careers' Service

  • Marketing and recruitment support from our dedicated committee

  • Platforms to showcase your project to the world

Initiate your project today

Get in touch with us with a brief description of your business pitch by emailing us at We will set up a discussion with you as soon as we can. Generally, projects with the following characteristics are preferred:

  • Sustainable business model

  • Clear target beneficiaries

If you don't have a fully developed business plan, you're also welcome to share your ideas with us! We'll give you the necessary support to transform your idea into a concrete plan.