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      Andrea Stykket

      Welcome to the OSE Programme!

      We are really excited to get to know you all better this year, and we know you are all keen on meeting each other too.

      Covid is still a thing, so we have to make the best out of online networking for now. While we are planning some Zoom sessions, we would also like to encourage you to use this online forum to connect, discuss, and encourage each other.

      Let the others in your cohort know who you are by telling us: Who are you? How did you end up in this programme? What is your background? Any burning questions, or perhaps ideas you want to share?

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      Hi Andrea 🙂

      I’m Sara and I’m building Ambessa Play. We make STEM toy kits/boxes for children and for every kit purchased, a refugee child out of school receives one for free.

      My background is in tech/edtech & I’m currently studying an MSc in Child Development (Kellogg). Found this programme by searching for any social impact societies here at Oxford and glad it exists! No burning questions but looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

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      My name is Anya, and my project here is Common Fire, a digital platform that shares local knowledge, stories and crafts globally, while allowing local makers, elders, and knowledge-holders to participate directly in the global market-place. I haven’t thought of a short, one-sentence explanation but there you are – a first attempt! 🙂
      My background is from conservation biology and (don’t be surprised) fine art. I did my undergrad in biological conservation and my MFA here in Oxford in intermedia arts, and am now doing my DPhil, concentrating on integrating indigenous epistemologies into policy and practice regarding the extractive industry on native land. I work (and have always done, whether in art or in science) in Siberia, Russia.
      I ended up in this program because of years of working in and with communities across Siberia (I had never done any sort of social projects, I was just tagging birds). But this time afforded me some insight into the difficulties and contradiction indigenous Siberian people face when confronted simultaneously with a loss of culture and language, the push to participate in a globalized economy, and the geographic isolation which has historically made this participation extremely difficult. The choice between preserving culture and participating in global development is a false one. The necessity to “choose one” is preserved in our consciousness by the way local and indigenous culture is presented in the West. So, having had enough of this one day I decided to try to propose an alternative paradigm.
      Eager to meet you all, learn about Social Entrepreneurship and get this party started.
      See you soon!

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      Lovely to meet you all – I’m Mickaela with VitaGUM.

      Social entrepreneurship, especially in the medical and developing-country spheres, has always been a passion of mine. Previously a Manager at Bain & Company in London and Analyst at McKinsey in Canada, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to leverage those skills in service of numerous social ventures including Engineers Without Borders, Ddx (medtech), Zephx (medtech), Pinkspiration (community construction), 2JEvents (community lettings) and IRSAM (NGO with consultative status with the UN).

      Originally from Canada, I’ve been in the UK for nearly 8 years. I am currently based in Oxford and in my penultimate year of the graduate-entry medicine programme having previously graduated with an MPhil in Economics from Oxford, and BSc Biophysics from McGill.

      Looking forward to getting to know you and your ventures!

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